Dec. 25th, 2009

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We tried to control Christmas spending this year, but Fox still ended up with far too much stuff.

So far he has gotten:
-a Bakugan tent, uno game, nerf gun and dinosaur toy from santa claus ;)
-A vtech laptop from Nana
-Play doh set from his aunt.
-A wooden castle with Narnia knights and a dragon from mom and dad. (I bought it 75% off two years ago and was saving it until he was old enough ;)
-A Star Wars Leapster from Mom and Dad. (50% at Amazon last month!)
-An Air Hogs remote control car (75% at Target last summer)
-A stocking full of candies to rot his teeth out, and a toothbrush set to counteract that.

This wouldn't seem too horribly excessive, but he still has another half of a family to get gifts from. Hopefully they will tend towards clothing instead of toys, but I doubt it!

Tomu got me a white gold cross and a new digital camera to replace my dead one. Fox's teacher had them make a calendar of their artwork, along with printed photos and different sentences about their families. Coolest kid present ever, and I now feel guilty that I only gave her some lotion for a Christmas gift ;)

All in all, a nice Christmas. The most amazing thing was the four inches of snow that fell yesterday, so that we still have a white Christmas outside this morning. That never happens in Texas!


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