Jan. 19th, 2010

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Today Fox had to change to a different afterschool program and ride a bus for the very first time.

He was so nervous all weekend, but when I picked him up he asked if he could ride the school bus tomorrow and cheered when I said yes ;)

And just when I'm thinking he's so mature now, he crawls into my lap on the rocking chair and starts singing a little song he made up that basically went, "I love my mommy. Mommy I love you..." Until I sang back to him and his eyes suddenly closed and he fell asleep in my lap.

This was around two hours ago, so I guess he did have a stressful day. I'm going to follow him to bed now as well.

Sometimes, you think "Maybe life would be easier without children..." and then they remind you that it wouldn't be WORTH living without them :)

I don't have great maternity leave. I don't have all the time I want with my child. But we have a roof over our head, enough food and water that I don't have to wonder if my child will survive the next weeks and I think of what women in Haiti and so many other places are going through, at the very moment - and I realize I am so, so blessed.


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