Aug. 12th, 2010

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I'm alive, but tired. Mouse keeps taunting me by sleeping 5 to 6 hours one night, then staying up the entire night for 2 or 3 nights in a row. I think he's trying to keep me from being complacent :P

Fox is doing well, but not getting enough outside time since it's been so hot the past few weeks. 90+ degrees and 106 in the afternoon make it hard to do anything outdoors, even swimming. Thank goodness for his gymnastics camp days!

It's very strange knowing the school year is about to start, yet not having to go buy supplies for my classroom or redo my lesson plans. I'm very grateful to be able to stay home with the baby longer (hopefully the entire year) but I will miss my work and students. It hasn't quite hit me yet and I already miss losing such a huge part of my identity by leaving my job for this past 6 years.

That said, breastfeeding is going wonderfully. Still a few issues with the baby's latch, but overall he's doing well and gaining lots of weight. He's over 12 lbs. now!

I'm looking around for a small job to do from home and thinking about selling some small nursery paintings on etsy. Right now I'm trying to teach myself to crochet baby hats since I will otherwise spend a fortune buying cute ones on Etsy ;) I keep telling myself I need to go back to writing some fanfiction but I just haven't had any inspiration yet to continue some of my WIP fics. I'll have to try to change that...


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