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I haven't posted much lately but I've been too exhausted. It's strange how tracking your weight, forcing yourself to eat and then constant vomiting can take over your life so quickly. I've missed a lot of work, but they aren't forcing me to take short term disability (yet!)

I'm still losing weight, and after some improvement last week, this week has been horrible. My doctor is finally recommending me for a Zofran pump, the thought of which scares me to death. Now I will be walking around with an IV attached to my thigh to continually pump anti-nausea medicene and fluids into me and some big fanny pack to hold the fluids. I won't be allowed to stop using it until my weight is back up and the vomiting stops.

I'm just tired and miserable, and wishing this kid would hurry up and be born. I've been wanting so much to save money this year so I might actually have the option to stay home a year with this baby and now I just hope I can work until it is born and don't have to go on bedrest.

Did you know dehydration can cause braxton-hicks contractions? I know that now. This kid is gonna OWE me, and better be a nice kid after all this hassle!


Nov. 28th, 2009 10:38 pm
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Okay, I'm hearing so many stupid comments from family and coworkers regarding my HG (Hyperemersis Gravidarum)that I am ready to have a printed copy of the following to hand to people. I won't but I WANT to.

1. Yes, I understand you had "horrible" morning sickness with your child. How awful to vomit twice a day @_@ When you've thrown up 20+ times in one day and have been on IV fluids, I'll take your advice on how to "Cure" my "morning sickness." Augh!

2. Yes. I've tried eating crackers.

3. Yes, I've tried drinking ginger ale and ginger tea and ginger candy.

4. Yes, I get that it is never a good idea to take prescription meds while pregnant. Due to Zofran I've only lost 5 lbs. in the last two weeks. I'll stay on it, thanks...

5. Yes, I've tried wearing Sea Bands. No, they didn't help me.

6. Yes, I'm taking Unisom. Yes, it helps a little. It doesn't mean I don't need the Zofran. I'm also taking B6 vitamins. No, I can't keep down my prenatal vitamins and the OB said to skip them.

7. Yes, this is my last pregnancy. No, I don't want more children. No, I'm not willing to go through this again.

8. I am at high risk for preterm labor due to a combination of HG, Asthma and low blood pressure. This means I will be having a c-section. No, I don't want to consider a home birth with a midwife.

9. To the ER nurse, why yes- I do realize the best way to stay hydrated is to drink a lot of fluids. This is impossible if I am vomiting them up five seconds after drinking them :(

10. For the last time - YES, I HAVE TRIED EATING CRACKERS!!!!
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So this morning Fox came and crawled in bed with me and I asked him how he felt about having a new baby. He grinned hugely and crowed "excited!" He then proceeded to describe all the things he wanted to do for the baby and how much he wanted to see the umbilical cord still connected to the baby's bellybutton. One of the baby books has a picture of the little piece of umbilical cord on the baby's stomach, and now he is obsessed with seeing it ;)

I am 11 weeks pregnant this week. I can't wait to be further along (and hopefully past all the nausea!)
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Feeling really nauseous and tired all day today, despite the meds. Thanks goodness this was the last day I had to work this week!

Wanted to share something funny (and gross). The last week or so, there are few things I want to eat. However, I have been obsessively craving bean burritos. It's one of the few foods that will stay down ;)

Tonight I made a bean burrito and started to dip it in salsa. The smell turned my stomach though. So did sour cream.

However, the Catalina salad dressing from the fridge tasted amazing with it. It sounds horrible even to me but I gobbled it up!

I think it is safe to say that strange pregnancy cravings have commenced ;P
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First, the Zofran is saving my life. It isn't perfect - I'm still nauseous a lot even taking it, but the main thing is I am no longer vomiting uncontrollably. I'm almost back to my normal weight now. That's good. I'm still looking for a new OB though...

I have had bronchitis for almost 4 weeks now though, and I've been through 3 sets of antibiotics. I'm still coughing and having to use a nebulizer every 6 hours or so. That isn't good.

One more day of work this week and I am off for Thanksgiving break. I think my students will be watching a film and playing games tomorrow - I am NOT teaching if I can help it (watch my principal come by to do an evaluation ;)

Fox and Tomu have been home playing "Little Big Planet" all day. It's great to find a video game that is safe for Tomu to play in front of Fox that he likes playing!

One more day.
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Ugh. Is there anything more fun than waking up in the wee hours to find out your five year old has pee'd and poo'd himself and is extremely upset about it? And he was sleeping in your bed at the time?

After changing the bed, treating the stain, cleaning him up and giving him a bath I am both exhausted and wired, so I stayed up to clean the kitchen too.

Did I mention my MIL is coming over tomorrow? And I just want to sleep in...

Now I have to worry that Fox is sick 'cause that's the only time this happens. I guess it's good that he is off this week for the holidays...
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Why didn't the damn OB give me Zofran before? I took it for the first time this morning, after begging her to find something that will help and will keep me from running to the ER every few days, and it's amazing. I haven't vomited once since taking it, and I actually kept down a bit of food.

I can also take Unisom at night and use either pepcid or rolaids to treat the heartburn the Zofran causes, but at least I'm not purging constantly. I feel so calm and relieved right now, not to be hanging over a toilet. I may even manage work without going on disability leave if this keeps working. I'm not dizzy or shaking with weakness or any of the other things I've been for weeks.

I can live with heartburn and some nausea, as long as I'm not getting dehydrated. I think I'm going to look for a different OB after this...
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Still sick and vomiting. Still haven't gained back the weight I've lost. Still feeling grumpy and frustrated...

I really didn't expect to feel this way at all.
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Well, I now know what "hyper emesis" is... ('m apparently one of the rare women who get to experience it. Augh.

I went to my doctor again this morning with breathing concerns (asthma still out of control and bronchitis not getting better) but something else took precedent. He saw that I had lost 12 lbs just in the 2 days since he had seen me and immediately sent me to the ER. I was dehydrated, dizzy and had low blood pressure due to constant vomiting.

In the end, I had to have antinausea meds, antibiotics and fluids for dehydration, all by IV, and I was very lucky that I was finally allowed to go home tonight instead of being admitted. I'm taking an antinausea medication, which isn't working much so far, and I'm sleeping a lot. I can't go into work tomorrow, and I don't know what's going to happen for the rest of this pregnancy. There's a chance the symptoms will improve and just as much chance they won't until the baby is born.

Going to bed now and trying not to puke.
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I'm still so sick. My bronchitis doesn't seem to be getting better, even after 2 shots and antibiotics. Everytime I cough too hard, I start to voimit. Now I haven't been able to keep anything down, even liquids, for three days. I feel so awful!

If this keeps up, I'm going to end up losing my job. I can't function when I'm working like this.

Just so (*^%^&*%& worn out and hungry, even though nothing will stay down. I'm calling the OB again tomorrow...
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Owww.... I'm not having fun today.

First I went to the doctor Friday and was diagnosed with bronchitis. Fever and coughing didn't go down, so I went back Monday for another antibiotic shot. This has triggered my asthma, so I'm using a nebulizer every 4 hours too.

I'm still coughing today and everytime I cough too hard, it triggers my vomiting. I can't keep ANY food down today, and I don't know if it is due to morning sickness (which has become morning, noon and night sickness this week) or the antibiotics I am taking. My throat and stomach muscles are so sore, and I just want to cry! Wah!

This is the only positive I can think of:
This kid better be a F&%%&**& genius after the last few days, is all I have to say about it. I'm going to ask my OB if there is anything she can give me to help with this nausea though...

Fox's Parent/teacher conference is tomorrow. His teacher is recommending "interventions" and I am too tired and miserable to be a good momma lion and stand against her. I'm so exhausted.
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Went to my OB exam. I got to see a little blob with a heartbeat. It still made me say "Awww..." So far so good. My new EDD is June 15th though. I got to ask lots of questions.

The OB said under NO circumstances would she recommend I have the H1N1 vaccine until the 13th week of pregnancy. She says the risk from the flu is lower than the risk of miscarriage or complications. She says she doesn't recommend the regular flu vaccine for first trimester patients either. She says if I want it later, she'll give it to me then.

Ow. Some cramping now though, so I think I'll go take a hot bath and go to bed early. 'Night.
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First, a really good link on marriage equality:

Second, if you've ever gone on Etsy, you've got to see Regretsy. What crazy stuff! Warning: NSFW

Soo tired. Wish I could go back to bed...
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I stumbled upon this article, and it's strange that CNN and other mainstream media in the US haven't picked it up ^_^ Yes, the foreskin can be an element in passing the virus, but without safe sexual practices, losing the foreskin doesn't seem to mean much.

It's nice knowing that if this little one I'm carrying is male, I already know how to protect him and ignore the strange desire American doctors have to cut little boys' genitals...
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Now that I know I'm pregnant again, I've been frequenting lots of mommy blogs. Today I read this and CRIED. Very amazing story about following your own instincts when parenting:
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Note to self: When eating out, ordering coconut shrimp might not be the healthiest or smartest choice. Dipping said shrimp into ranch dressing, while your husband watches in horror and remarks you are really going to regret do so, yet choosing to eat them ALL that way? Definitely a stupid thing to do.

I just spend the past hour praying to the porcelein gods. Bleah...

(Dear strange-sense-of-taste/smell that my pregnancy is causing: Stop trying to kill me! And why am I obsessed with fresh tomatoes?)

Good day

Oct. 15th, 2009 06:40 pm
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I'm still alive, just sleeping alot and avoiding the computer.

I went to the OB yesterday, and I am officially 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant ;) I go back in 2 weeks for a sonogram and I should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat.

I've been floating all day. Even my students asked, "Miss, why are you so happy today?". I'm not ready to tell them yet, so I just told them I had some good news.

Some morning sickness, but so far it's not as bad as when I was expecting Fox. Tonight I stopped and bought thai food, and it was soo amazingly good. Life is good :)
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My big guy and my little boy are at Grandma's house until tomorrow night, my mom is out of town and I can't sleep. I don't feel like writing fanfiction tonight, there's nothing new to read and I've already played around on all the baby websites.

I don't know what to do with myself at the moment!
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I had my first positive pregnancy test this morning. I'm going to the OB on Wednesday.

I feel like I can breathe again now.
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