Mar. 27th, 2009

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I know that CNN has a link right now to a study "proving" circumcision prevents STD transmission (Yes, tell that the men in the US infected with HIV, the vast majority of whom are circumcised). I won't point out (much) that similar studies done in industrialized nations have had totally different results, or that men in the study who were recently circumcised might have a lower STD transmission rate due to being in pain post surgery and not having sex. If the results aren't reproducible, then they aren't all that valid IMO.

I will point out a BBC article in response as well.

The first half of the article simply repeats the American article. It doesn't come out and directly say "Bullsh*t but they do note that "...the US had an "obsession" with circumcision being the answer to controlling sexually transmitted infections. " I rather agree, and I think I trust European experts far more than American researchers, who seem to value their own aesthetics and profit over children's health.

And because stupid people at work have already asked, Fox is intact and will remain that way until adulthood no matter what new study comes out. It's his body and his decision.

'Nuff said.
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I had to share this:

I would SO play a game where the ultimate goal of the character is to lose one's virginity. Haven't the designers ever seen Japanese dating simulation games ;)


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