Jun. 4th, 2009

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First, if you are one of the many friends on my flist who consider yourselves pro-life, you may not want to continue reading - but I hope that you will.

I'm against abortion in theory. Has anyone ever been FOR it? But I also believe that a woman should control her own body and have her own choices for it. If I had found at at Fox's 5 month ultrasound that he was missing his brain, or had severe physical defects that weren't correctible and would lead to an early death or no life at all, he would not be here with me today - because there is no humane reason to put a women placed in that sort of devasting situation in the position of being forced to give birth to such a child and watch them suffer. There is no way my husband and I could have survived financially or emotionally after giving birth to a child only to watch it die. Thankfully, we never faced that horror. I had a friend who did, only a month before her baby's due date, and that child had been desperately wanted.

If late term abortion had been possible when my grandmother was alive, my own mother and her brother might have grown up with a living parent, instead of being orphaned when her severe ovarian cancer was diagnosed while she was 5 months pregnant. No treatments could be attempted due to the fetus, and there are few cancer treatments that can be done even today in the same situation. She died 2 weeks after giving birth, leaving a 7 and 8 year old to live with their grandmother, who was raising 7 boys as a single mother following her own husband's death. My grandfather had already died of Tuberculosis only 3 years before. They were left alone, with a poor and overburdened grandmother. My mother loves her sister, but I know she would have rather had her mother, and her sister grew up blaming herself for her mother's death.

Here are some links that I think are especially good regarding Dr. Tiller's practice and why the two surviving doctors who perform this procedure in the US must be protected from domestic terrorism. Please read them, even if you don't think you will support them and place yourselves in the positions of his patients. Don't support the hate.





And two things you should do if you believe those who caused Dr. Tiller's death are wrong. Support the organization that helps poor women receive abortions that he donated to (http://www.salon.com/mwt/broadsheet/feature/2009/06/03/nnaf_tiller/index.html) or better yet, the next time you find out that a pro-life group is protesting outside a Planned Parenthood or abortion clinic in your area, take a half day off work, "put on your big girl panties" (as my mom would say) and help physically support the women entering and exiting the building. You might want them to do the same for you or a woman you love one day...

Foxy boy ;)

Jun. 4th, 2009 08:24 am
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Today was Fox's last day of Pre-K. They have a "graduation" tomorrow, complete with tie dye t-shirts they made themselves. Fox's is purple and blue.

Now he can wear whatever kind of underwear he wants and whatever kind of nail polish he wants without a bunch of boys ganging up on him. Ugh!

In celebration, Fox is laying across my lap eating raisinets with his now black painted toenails up in the air. He picked black because "girls like boys with black fingernails and toenails" (Did he take a poll at school or something?) I bought him a whole selection of cheap nail polish to choose from but he chose black. I predict he will be a goth boy in his future ;)
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Tomu just noticed Fox's toenails on his way to work, since the boy ended up sleeping with us last night.

Man:"You painted my son's toenails black!"

Me:"They were pink two days ago."

Man: "Why are they black now?"

Me:"'Cause the boys at school told him boys wear black nail polish, not pink"

Man: "Never mind, carry on."

He also made comments about how the panties made sense, because silky panties would definitely be more comfortable than briefs, but he didn't understand why anyone would want to wear nailpolish, commenting on my blue painted toenails.

I'm glad I married a man secure in his masculinity ;)
It's often better that my husband doesn't know what is going on.


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