Jun. 6th, 2009

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I haven't been on the last two days because our family was busy celebrating two events: one was Fox's Pre-K graduation Thursday night. It was so cute - they had all the kiddos make tie-dye shirts at school (Fox's was purple and blue) and wear leis and sunglasses, and perform in front of about a hundred family member. The problem with this? Fox does not do large groups of people.

It's a bit early to tell, but Fox has either inherited what my father's family always nicely called "the nervous condition" or my asperger's syndrome. Either way, having to perform in front of a big group of people was his worst nightmare. I had told his teacher he might have to leave the stage, and they've been dealing with him all year so they were very understanding. He made it through one song, crying the whole time, but then all the adults started whooping and screaming, which made him freak out and run for his daddy.

So Tomu walked with him to get his diploma when Fox's name was called 'cause he was NOT letting go at all. After it ended and about half the people cleared out, Fox was back to normal - talking to his friends and flitting all over the place. I had given him a disposible camera as well, so he took photos of his classroom and friends.

Last night we had another graduation as well. Some of you may remember me writing last fall about my oldest nephew who suffered what should have been critical brain damage from a drunk driver, then miraculously recovered? He graduated last night in the top 10% of his class, with honors, and has received a full university scholarship (music). Justin has overcome so much and is doing so well. It's amazing to think that we could have had a world without him in it, and that he may never have graduated. BTW, the drunk driver was going through a trial for previous DWI charges that occurred before Justin's accident (he was driving with a suspended license at the time) so by the time Justin is called to testify against him, he will be a freshman in college. Read more... )


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