Jul. 20th, 2009

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Heather *(college roomie and friend) came in yesterday and we got to spend a few hours playing with Xander. Take a look at this adorable little boy and tell me he is not the cutest little guy ever. He is such a perfect blend of his mom and dad  :)

Then Pattie (high school friend) went to lunch with us and we watched HP:HBP after. All I'll sey is, it was fun and I enjoyed it, but I didn't leave the theater thinking about it. I can't wait for the last film(s) though.

Our house is clean! Right down to the grout in the kitchen which I'd always assumed was gray but is actually more of a beige color. Amazing what special cleaners and some elbow grease will do.

Today, Fox decided he didn't want to go to soccer camp and he was willing to fight for the right to stay home and relax. So instead he's been playing with old toddler toys (I dug them out of his closet for Xander and Fox promptly decided they were his favorite toys ever ;P 

Fox also helped me make an orange bundt cake for after dinner, and he's been playing with play-doh the last few hours. I can finally relax and I may even manage some fanfiction in between laundry loads tonight.

I kept hearing this strange mumbling sound and I couldn't place what it was, but I just figured out it is one of my cats, sleeping in the next chair. Can cats snore?


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