Aug. 29th, 2009

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1) First, what the *%^^@ is wrong with our country. News flash people: Your great-great grandma who came from Ireland/Italy/Poland with her children as an old lady never learned to speak English. Her adult children eventually learned it to survive, but it took YEARS and they may have never been fluent. Their children born in the United States learned English, helped translate for the older family members and were generally embarassed by the fact that their parents were so obviously immigrant. This is the way it has worked in the USA for centuries, The only thing that has changed is that more young adults are learning to language now than they did a century ago due to public education.
So the idea that a mother could LOSE custody of her infant due to not speaking English and not having formula with her (um, it's called breastfeeding folks!) is absolutely outrageous! Social Services totally messed up by having a Puerta Rican translator as well, because the first rule of spanish language is that the spanish spoken in Mexico and Puerto Rico are very different creatures. Many of the same words in both dialects have different meanings. Just, this case is insane and I hope the Mexican authorities will get involved to make sure her child leaves the US with her. Poor woman.,8599,1918941,00.html?xid=rss-nation-yahoo

2) THIS  or  makes me pissed beyond all reason. If an uncut dick is such a health risk, than why is the HIV rate in the US, which has a huge majority of circumcised adult men, SO MUCH HIGHER THAAN THE HIV RATE IN EUROPE, where very little of the male population is uncut. Look up the statistics if you don't believe me, because our rate is the highest in the industrialized world outside Africa.  WHO THE F&CK is running the CDC and what is their agenda!

One study, in another country, that has NEVER be replicated outside that country is not good science. First thing you learned about the "scientific method", If it can't be reproduced in other situations, it is not valid. 90% of the men in the world are uncut. American men need to stop thinking they are the norm and stop forcing an outdated religious and cultural practice on their sons!

(Off topic: Have you seen the crazy birthers online who want to know if Obama is cut or not, because if he ISN'T then obviously HE WAS NOT BORN IN AMERICA according to them and thus can't be president. 'Cause everyone knows all American men are circumcised @_@ I think it is hilarious because these are the same people who were claiming a few months ago that Obama was Muslim, which means he would have been circumcised as a young boy. Will they make up their minds?)

For the record, if the CDC pushes this through you will see a post soon after that I am moving to another country. Seriously, I can't live in such a stupid country if cutting baby's genitals becomes universal.

3. I just wanted to share this, 'cause she gets it and states it in a way that maybe guys can understand. Mistrusting men isn't the same as hating men, and some guys need to try to understand the distinction.


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