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Birthdate:Jul 1
Location:Texas, United States of America
As a person - I'm liberal, feminist and concerned with human rights issues. I support gay and immigrant rights being expanded in this country. If European countries who provide universal health care and preschool and decent maternity leaves are "socialist" then I hope to God that America stops being a "democracy" soon :P

As a fan - I adore fanfiction for many fandoms, especially slash. I've written and drawn for Harry Potter, Gundam Wing, Star Trek and various yaoi fandoms over the year and I've been in lj fandom more than a decade now...Moving to DW since so many of my favorite people have done so recently.

As a mom - I support attachment parenting and love babywearing and breastfeeding. I'm very vocally against both male and female genital mutilation (AKA circumcision). I support home schooling in theory but choose to send my oldest to a small school about 20 yards from our house instead and I do support selective/delayed vaccinations due to having a parent who is a polio survivor.
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