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Update: We continue to see improvement. This morning Justin woke up and told his mom that he wanted to go home. He is apparently tired of answering the constant "What is your name?" question from medical personnel - When the doctor said "Will you tell me your name?" he shook his head "No" - twice. He also laughed when some girls were in talking to him, even though his eyes never opened. I'm still wondering what they said. He squeezed my hand. He sometimes opens his eyes, and can hold up a number of fingers when requested if he is awake. It's enough for now.

His condition was a brain shear. It's rather like shaken baby syndrome, and sometimes people walk away from the scene of an accident with it, and die of it two weeks later.

Can I say that my sister and brother in law are completely the best kind of Christian? The type that refuse to follow an agenda (Conservative Christian right, you are neither Christian nor right) but have absolute faith and truly believe in "Love one another" and "Turn the other cheek". They are tolerant, realistic and loving people. There were around 30 of their friends in the ICU waiting room and John pulled them into a conference room to A)Update everyone on the situation at one and B)Ask everyone to pray together for both Justin and the young man who caused the accident.

Yes, you heard that right and I'm working very hard to follow his example. If he and my sister can forgive the teenager who literally came within one minute of killing their son, how dare I hold onto my anger? They were the ones who rushed to the scene of the accident and held Justin down as the jaws of life cut him out of his crushed car. They were the ones who told me today they asked to be alone with him on Friday morning because they honestly beleived he would die in their arms in the ICU.

The other driver was not only intoxicated, he was a teenager who said he went out drinking because his girlfriend had broken up with him and he goes to my nephew's school. Justin's parents are still going to press charges, but they no longer hate him. They just hope he learns from what happened.

I drove by the site of the accident today. It was literally at the turn into their subdivision, and they live on the first street. I found it by the debris still littering the road, and the BRICK WALL that was totally demolished in two places. Justin was turning right into the subdivision, at a light, when the other vehicle apparently crossed 3 lanes and crashed into him. It's a miracle my nephew is still alive. It's even more of a miracle that my other nephew only temporarily blacked out then walked away. We came so close to losing them both in a blink of an eye.

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. There is still a long road ahead, but it looks more positive.


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