Sep. 23rd, 2009

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So, the good news is we tested negative for H1N1 and we both went back to school today. Fox did very well once his fever broke, actually. I hate to think what H1N1 will be like, if it is more severe though.

Fox actually didn't want to come home today. He was having fun on the playground, and he is apparently constantly following around and hugging an older boy, aged 9 or so, who introduced himself to me and said that all the little kids always chase and hug him and quote,"It's a curse." It was very hard to nod seriously in response.

I read two fics today that made me just sob and love them. The first is Hollycomb's "Between the Bars, which is so realistic about what relationships become it absolutely HURT. I guess I should mention the pairing is Sulu/Chekov but the story is set years after the movie and is so not about sex. It reminded me way to much of Tomu and myself at times. (sniff, but don't worry- there's a happy ending!)

The second is long but worth the read, and a bit kinky ;) The Star Trek version of "Groundhog Day", but very twisted and angsty and just intense. Stick with it to the end. "Tuition" by Avidita

Go read them both! Totally worth it and neither is even Kirk/Spock. I'm so into every pairing in this fandom ;)


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