Jun. 27th, 2009

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Father in law has been moved out of CCU and into a private hospital room. Now I feel like we can relax and stop driving to visit every night!

Sister in law is out of town, so 6 year old Nephew is staying with us. Every now and then I regret that Fox doesn't have a sibling and I think we should have had two kids close together in age - then he spends time with his cousin.

Ethan is a sweet kid, but he isn't MY kid, which means there are things he does I find annoying, and I get tired of all the racket they make together. Don't even ask was Fox's room looks like at the moment and it was CLEAN last night! Man, they ADORE each other though, I guess because they are both only children. It's only this year that Fox has stopped claiming Ethan is his brother and now recognizes him as "cousin".

I had cousins my own age, but we always hated each other and fought like cats and dogs.  These boys will do anything to be together. It's fun to take them in public together though because they really do look like brothers. People always ask if they are twins.

Going swimming tonight and picking blueberries at a farm tomorrow.


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